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I’m flattered to receive consistent recognition for my leadership and business management skills, and have been covered in a variety of nationwide media. Some examples are below, and you can read more here.



Women in Business Q&A: Christine Perkett

Huffington Post asks questions on everything from how life’s experiences have made Christine into the leader she is today, startup challenges and how to navigate through them, and her advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs.

What advice can you offer to women who want to start their own business?
Break the rules. Women worry way too much about doing everything the right way. If you want to innovate and create, you’ve got to be bold. That, and trust yourself first and foremost. Be assertive and build a great network. Ask for help. You’d be amazed at how willing most people are to help you out or listen, mentor, introduce you to others, etc. But you’ve got to ask!

Read the full article, here.

wall-st-journal-150x17Can Home-Based Entrepreneurs Be Stay-at-Home Parents, Too?

Christine Perkett, a mother of two, is usually home before and after her kids go to school. But she’s not your typical stay-at-home mom. Ms. Perkett runs PerkettPR, a public-relations firm, out of her family’s Marshfield, Mass., home. (See “Squeezing a Small Business Into Your Home.”) When she started the company, she hired a nanny to take care of the kids while she’s on the clock. “I needed a solution to dig into my work without feeling guilty,” she says, adding that she also requires her 20 employees, who also work from their homes, to make comparable arrangements if they have young kids.

foxbusiness-150x30PR Mom Runs Household and Agency From Home, also Runs on the Beach
In the late 90s, Perkett left a corporate job and started freelancing for former employers during the height of the tech boom, and she said then she quickly realized how many tech startups were in need of trustworthy PR counsel. Perkett saw a way to give it to them by starting an agency with what she labels as the best talent – a pool of only well-seasoned executives.

Boston Business JournalCEOs who tweet: It’s not a common practice for bigwigs, but some top execs say they are reaping the benefits of the platform Christine Perkett, CEO of PerkettPR, (and who has 42,000 followers) says many CEOs are hesitant because they feel they won’t have enough time to tweet. But engaging on social media can lend an air of greater “sincerity” for CEOs who give it a chance. Perkett notes that some tech CEO’s might not immediately realize why Twitter would help them, but the reality is key business contacts like venture capitalists and media, can be found there.

Business.comSmall Business Success Story: Christine Perkett of PerkettPR, Inc. Christine gave us some insight on the wonderful experiences and opportunities she’s had as a small business owner, including increased flexibility and the ability to work with talented people throughout the country (her staff is entirely virtual). She also lays out challenges she’s faced both in day-to-day operations and in growing her company.

Social Media DeliveredThe Women of Social Media: 12 Gurus to Follow on Twitter PR and social media go hand in hand, and if you’re looking for a career in either, Christine Perkett is a must-follow. Recognized as one of the industry leaders, it’s rare to see a social media conversation happening on Twitter that she’s not part of.


Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 3.28.43 PMSocial Media is Sun-Setting. Or Is It? part 1 Social Media has seen its sunrise, mid-day glory and is now sun-setting. Or is it? Social Media is not going away in totality. It is becoming another tool in the toolbox of marketing and other disciplines. Find out what these experts think in a four part series.

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