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A Good Day for Power Women – Marissa Mayer to Head Yahoo as CEO

With only a small percent of women leading the world’s largest companies, I was thrilled to read today that Google’s Marissa Mayer is joining Yahoo as its newest CEO. Ms. Mayer has long been a woman I’ve admired in business, representing Google with grace and feminine power, while taking her place among the boys’ club in Board rooms. It’s not an easy feat – as ABC News reported just last Fall, only 16 women have headed up Fortune 500 companies at the same time. I’m hoping that more women like Ms. Mayer will continue to grow that number, as she follows in the foot steps of other female leads in breaking that glass ceiling. Let’s hope not only is her tenure outstanding, but her future departure goes more gracefully than Yahoo’s last female CEO.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Mayer said:

I am honored and delighted to lead Yahoo, one of the internet’s premier destinations for more than 700 million users. I look forward to working with the Company’s dedicated employees to bring innovative products, content, and personalized experiences to users and advertisers all around the world.

Best of luck, Marissa. We’re excited to see what you do!

I was surprised to read in @INCMagazine’s Inc. 500 that 22% of CEOs cobbled funds from credit cards. #business

I really enjoy Inc Magazine and the issue that arrived in mid August, highlighting America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, was no exception. It’s a fantastic issue with enough information, broken down in a plethora of ways, to motivate you to work smarter, push harder and achieve your dreams. If these 500 companies can thrive in “a decade of turmoil,” there’s hope for all of us to do so in better times.

Many intriguing facts are included and I was surprised that 22% of the Inc 500 CEOs listed credit cards as one of their source funds – more than bank loans and almost as much as funding from Angel investors (23%). I wonder how much the credit crisis, and challenges for SMBs to get bank loans, played in these numbers.

I also enjoyed reading about the top Women-owned businesses – click through for the full issue.

Notable females, take note. Lucky winner receives $25k in investment. via @TechCrunch #women #entrepreneurs #vc

Very excited to read about this – I love seeing wicked smart women supporting other wicked smart women. Hence my “wicked smart women” Twitter list 🙂 Click through to the story for full details

Amplify’d from techcrunch.com

i/o ventures has partnered up with notable females Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan and Sarah Brown to put together the first Women In Engineering Prize, and will be announcing the winner at the first WIE Symposium on September 20th.

The deadline for hopeful female founders to apply is Sept 10th, and the lucky and hard working winner will receive 25k in investment, become part of the i/o program, get free office space for a month as well as a trip to New York to attend the conference.

Female entrepreneurs should also consider this an open call to go mentor at i/o. Aspiring WIE Prize winners can apply here.

Read more at techcrunch.com