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5 Business Lessons From The Walking Dead

Yes, I’m a Walking Dead fan. A big one! And this week’s mid-season finale, Too Far Gone, was a teeth clencher. Without giving any episode spoilers – in case you’re just catching up on this great show – here are five things we can take away from the show, and apply to business:

  1. Sometimes you have to be brutal – Rick was. Then he wasn’t. And if you watch the show you know that it doesn’t work out so well when he isn’t. Leaders have to make the tough decisions, even when they’re not fun, in order to keep their businesses alive and thriving. (And sometimes that means getting rid of people.)
  2. Know who you’re following – I’m pretty sure the Governor’s last group wish they had. Don’t follow blindly – research who you work with, trust your own gut and ensure that any boss or leader you have has the same core value system that you do.
  3. Ego gets in the way – If only Rick and the Governor could have worked out their differences, ya know? The only reason they couldn’t is because of ego. Try to recognize when yours is getting in the way and might cost you something that in the end, is probably worth putting aside a little pride for.
  4. Exercise matters – in their world, it’s to stay in shape to fight off flesh-eating zombies. In business, it’s to keep your head straight and relieve stress. Both very important to doing your best and finding a happy work/life balance.
  5. Have a contingency plan – things get messy. People lose their way. Make sure you have a backup plan for how to get everyone back on track and working together well if things don’t go exactly as you planned (because most of the time, they don’t).