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Thx @bradmblake. FYI @pprlisa’s take (& invite) cc @rhappe @mediaphyter @marketingprofs @FastCompany #top100women

… I would have cc’d all the women if I could have, FYI!

PerkettPR’s own Lisa Dilg assesses what the #Top100women list means to her in regards to PR. It will mean different things (or nothing at all) to others. Click through to the full post to see her reasons.

Jack Dorsey is in Fast Company today talking about influence – and the difficulty in defining it. Cathryn Hrudicka (@creativesage) wrote yesterday on her Facebook about how The Influence Project (http://fcinf.com/v/do7w) is tainted because people are taking out Ads on Facebook (ads, really?) and that’s trickery, not influence.

So what does it all mean? I think it’s all just a testament to social media’s fast moving pace – you could influence me today and not cross my mind tomorrow. That’s why this list is constantly changing – it’s based on “grades,” which really seem to be kept “up” by activity. So if you go on vacation… you could suddenly find yourself off the list and no longer influential.

Social media is a fickle thing. (And yet, of course, I’m grateful to be on the list, since my job is marketing and PR – which is all about influence, so it’s how I make a living, not just entertainment.)

Does it mean anything to you? If so, what?

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Last week Hubspot – via Twitter Grader – highlighted the The 100 Most Powerful Women On Twitter which included a lot of influential and interesting women I expected to see there, such as Ann Handley, Jennifer Leggio, Beth Kanter, and Charlene Li, and a few surprises that I wouldn’t have readily thought of, but are very interesting to follow nonetheless. Happily, we also noted that our CEO, Christine Perkett@missusp was also included within the Top 25 women on this list – of course, we’re not surprised because we know how hard she works to keep on top of the industry, as the PR and social media landscape constantly changes. But we are very proud and impressed nonetheless. (Is this a good time to ask for a raise?)

After the initial hoopla on Twitter about the list and congratulating the women we know personally, Christine asked on Twitter, “so what does it all mean.” I’ve thought about this before when lists like this come out – do they really mean anything, and if so, what? Does the general public really care who is influential on Twitter? Are these people really influential or do they merely appear to be, to those of us who are really ingrained in social media?

After thinking about it for awhile, I’ve come up with what this particular list it means to me – I would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you or to the rest of the world.

Our discussion about this list on Twitter prompted Hubspot to offer to sponsor a meetup for the top 100 women on this list – PerkettPR is considering organizing this event, but we want it to be more than a Tweet-up – we would like it to offer value to attendees and to maybe even benefit a charity. Would you attend an event that offered insight from the Top 100 women influencers on Twitter? If so, what would you like to get out of it? Tell us here and help us create a fantastic event!

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Celebrities: Maybe They Really *Are* Just Like Us!

A few days ago a big hubaloo was caused on Twitter when @mrskutcher signed up – aka Demi Moore. Yes folks, it really does seem to be her, as indicated in several news stories yesterday.

Why is the media writing on the fact that Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher – aka @aplusk on Twitter – signed up on this popular micro blogging service? Well your guess is as good as mine. But I found it really interesting that Mrs. Kutcher used it to turn the tides on the media yesterday with this Tweet and Twitpic:

Demi Moore's Twitter Page

Demi Moore's Twitter Page

Alleged paparazzi

Alleged paparazzi

This is interesting in light of the tech and business industry chatter about social services and communities, such as Twitter, being a “traditional media killer.” Do celebrities have the power to make that possible for Hollywood gossip rags as well? Imagine if more celebrities shared their own photos and comments in this manner – seeing a glimpse of how they really live would be way better than US Weekly’s interpretation of their lives. And with no one to buy those magazines because we’re all getting “front row seats” on Twitter…well…? It’s a big dream but not impossible.

All this begs the question, without all the glitz and Photoshop capabilities, would celebrities really embrace the opportunity to end the paparazzi frenzy?

Celebs on Twitter include many other musicians, actors, reality TV stars and blonde socialites – from Solange Knowles to Jerry Rice to Lauren Conrad and her “Hills” crew.  Even Perez Hilton has joined – to keep an even closer eye on his subjects, perhaps.

If You Had Three Other Lives to Live…

… what would they be? I asked this question on Twitter today and got some great responses. You can learn a lot about people with this question (if you’re paying attention…)

My initial answer? Fashion designer, author, vet. I’d also like to add professional surfer, (good) photographer and some kind of mix of Sarah Austin (POP 17) and Mike Arrington (TechCrunch) – yes, seriously. (Which would cover things like world traveler and pseudo-celeb).

Too bad we can’t have more than one life, eh? What would yours be? And what’s stopping you?

What would you do with 3 other lives?3-lives-213-lives-33-lives-4

Always Kiss Goodbye

I was on Twitter tonight ranting about various topics like my complete failure to get out and run, presidential candidates’ bad sweaters and any other frivolous topic that kept me from getting to some looming work deadlines, when I learned some sad news. A Twitter-community member who I did not know, @ashPEAmama, passed away yesterday at the young age of 20. According to the Twitter community, she had a new baby and was a sweet and active social media participant.

My condolences and graces go to her family and friends.

This is yet another reminder that life can change in an instant. Try not to let the stresses of every day responsibilities take over too much. My husband laughs at me, but I have a “rule” in the house that we must always kiss goodbye. Even if I’m sleeping and he leaves at 4:30 a.m. – like today. You never know when it will be your last.