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The 100 Best U.S. Companies for Working Moms, according to @_workingmother_ – I’ll keep this in mind for the book

Always supportive of helping working moms. Earlier this week I tweeted (http://bit.ly/a4fnct) about writing a book for helping working moms to cope without guilt. I received a lot of positive feedback, and it was nice to know I wasn’t alone in my struggles! I just may go for it, and I’ll keep lists like this in mind. What do you think?

Amplify’d from www.workingmother.com

2010 Working Mother 100 Best Companies

Family-friendly benefits and programs that help keep working moms’ careers on track have mored forward in the 25 years since the launch of Working Mother’s first Best Companies list. Now Working Mother 100 Best Companies offer programs that help all employees with their struggles to gain some work-life balance. Here’s what we have found.

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