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Technology, access, connections & potential transforming the world of fashion; via @NYTimes. Happy #NYFW, #FNOnyc

New York Fashion Week kicks off and today is also Fashion’s Night Out in NYC. This article captures a new spirit in the industry. I love that technology plays a big part in the transformation of how things are done – along with a lot of creativity, connections and spirit, of course.

There’s a great Q&A if you click through and read the entire piece.

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The Next Wave

Fashion always loves a moment, and none has captivated the industry quite so thoroughly in recent times as the ever-booming population of impressive young designers who have staked their flags proudly in Manhattan. Not a decade ago, the captains of industry were asking themselves who could revive American fashion in the eyes of the world, since the big guns of New York had grown stale, retired or expired, and Paris reclaimed the mantle as the place to be. A Paris Six emerged, as Cathy Horyn, fashion critic for The New York Times, noted in 2005, citing a small group of designers who held the most profound influence over global fashion at the moment, comparable to the Antwerp Six of the early 1990s, or the Japanese designers who dominated Paris in the two decades prior.

What is most exciting about what is happening in fashion now, however, is that it is not just six names who are making waves in New York, but an entire generation of designers who have the potential to transform what we think of as American fashion. The majority of designers showing during New York Fashion Week, which begins today, started their labels within the last decade, chasing the dream of fashion in a city that has not always been so hospitable to talented designers. In fact, very few who started here since the 1980s managed to survive.

Yet there are more new designers working in New York fashion than at any point in its history, a rush of tenderfeet that one can say with some certainty began in 2002, when Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, two students at Parsons the New School for Design, sold their senior collection to Barneys New York and became the toast of the industry with their label, Proenza Schouler. Their example changed the way young designers looked at their careers. They no longer had to apprentice for years or scream to be heard — New York was crazy for the new.

The savviest among them have created businesses that have eclipsed their predecessors in both scale and speed. Alexander Wang, who started his street-meets-couture collection in 2007, reached $25 million in sales last year; Phillip Lim, his contemporary, has flagships in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul. Their generation, which grew up with the Internet and the ease of access to information, is keenly aware of the power of fashion today in popular culture. They are also incredibly well connected, having formed a mutual support network through the many new initiatives designed to promote designers in New York, and uniquely suited to the moment.

“I suppose this is the first generation that has had access to everything in the palm of their hand,” said Simon Collins, the dean of the school of fashion at Parsons. “They can find factories on their phones.”

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“Real life Wintour whisperer” in @FastCompany -on @MBFashionWeek, @Wang_Vera, #fashion, motherhood/career balance

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Brings Fashion to New York’s Lincoln Center

Credentials: Remember how Emily Blunt flanked Meryl Streep’s Anna Wintour-inspired character in The Devil Wears Prada, whispering names to her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala? Wolkoff was a real-life Wintour whisperer. She worked for 11 years as Vogue‘s director of special events, handling logistics — and, yes, all those names — for those galas at the Met.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Lincoln Center, Director

Photograph by Peter Hapak

EnlargeSophia Loren

Photograph by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Big Idea: Create a fashion hub at New York’s Lincoln Center, which Stephanie Winston Wolkoff calls a “blank white canvas that hadn’t been filled.” “We need to incorporate fashion into every element and institution,” she says, “whether it be through designer-lecture series,

Big Idea: Create a fashion hub at New York’s Lincoln Center, which Stephanie Winston Wolkoff calls a “blank white canvas that hadn’t been filled.” “We need to incorporate fashion into every element and institution,” she says, “whether it be through designer-lecture series, photography exhibitions, or collaborative efforts between artists and designers.” Wolkoff is starting with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which this month relocates to Lincoln Center from Bryant Park. Much as Lincoln Center has tried to diversify the audience for performing arts, the fashion-week director plans to democratize the typically insider-only event, via programs for designer-loving everyday Janes, including a Vogue consumer fashion show for 1,000 non-industry people featuring clothes that are actually available in stores.

Gala as brainteaser: Organizing the Costume Institute ball “was like a chess game. I knew every detail about every person at every single seat. I worked with other editors to decide what guest was wearing what, so they wouldn’t come in the same dresses. I made sure exes weren’t seated with exes.”

BlackBerry or iPhone? BlackBerry. “Indispensable!”

The Supermom myth: Wolkoff says her experience as a working mother taught her “there’s no such thing as Supermom. I thought I could have the best of both worlds, except the guilt inside of me took over.”

Life lessons from Anna Wintour: Wolkoff says she learned two key things from the editrix and mom of two, whom she calls her career role model: “That you actually can have a balance between family and career. And to follow your instincts.”

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Notable females, take note. Lucky winner receives $25k in investment. via @TechCrunch #women #entrepreneurs #vc

Very excited to read about this – I love seeing wicked smart women supporting other wicked smart women. Hence my “wicked smart women” Twitter list 🙂 Click through to the story for full details

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i/o ventures has partnered up with notable females Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan and Sarah Brown to put together the first Women In Engineering Prize, and will be announcing the winner at the first WIE Symposium on September 20th.

The deadline for hopeful female founders to apply is Sept 10th, and the lucky and hard working winner will receive 25k in investment, become part of the i/o program, get free office space for a month as well as a trip to New York to attend the conference.

Female entrepreneurs should also consider this an open call to go mentor at i/o. Aspiring WIE Prize winners can apply here.

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