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I. Am. So. Pissed.

Today’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon is devastating. Horrendous. Yet another awful act of hatred and terrorism unfolding before our very eyes and affecting our neighbors, our friends, families, colleagues and countrymen and women.

I, like a lot of you I’d imagine, am struggling with how to deal with this. I was at first shocked and bewildered, then aghast as I learned of the injuries and deaths, then sad – very sad – then thought, “How can I help?” – and then… Pissed.

I am so fucking pissed.

I am pissed because I have to yet again try to explain this world to my young sons who are afraid of the “bad guys” and who I continue to lie to when I say “Monsters don’t exist.” How do I explain these things to them – this time not just in the news but in their backyard?

I’m pissed because more innocent people lost their lives to blind haters. Including an eight-year-old-boy. That could have been my boy. Your boy. Your daughter.

I’m pissed because a great piece of my hometown was stolen today. A day that was ours – a day that made us proud because it represented who we are as a city. “Free and fiercely independent,” as President Obama described us.

I ran the Boston Marathon in 2010 and to cross that historical finish line was amazing. Nearly 5,000 people didn’t get to experience that amazing feat today. And that pisses me off as well. They deserve to cross that finish line. (You can read my ecstatic happiness from that day in my notes if you’re  a Facebook friend.)

This marathon in particular – like New York – brings together people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences. I read that 96 countries were represented, coming together for “friendly competition” as the President said.

Marked and scarred forever by whoever did this.

And again my emotions vacillate between sadness, shock, anger. I have moments of feeling like I want to run away to a cabin with my kids and live off the land and protect them from the crazy people.

And then I am reminded that there are good people. More good than bad, we hope. A bunch of folks are posting the Mister Rogers “look for the helpers” quote and one of my friends challenged me to run the Boston Marathon with her in 2014 so “they can’t win.”

I was hoping to do that anyway (run in 2014) because I’ve been unable to run for months now due to recovering from shoulder surgery – and I was thinking Boston would be an awesome race to work up to over the next year. So I think I’ll let my anger – and my hope for mankind – fuel me to do that. When I cross that finish line, it won’t be for me. It will be for those lost today. It will be for the Spirit of Boston. It will be because I’m pissed – and I refuse to let the bad guys win. And I will cheer. Because I refuse to let evil win.

Love that dirty water, Boston you’re my home.

Better Late than Never… No Resolutions for 2011; Just a Wish List to Myself

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook, “Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I think I’m just going to make a list of 12 things I want to do in 2011.”

I received some positive feedback and comments from friends that they’d like to do the same thing. I’m a very goal-oriented person but find that between work and family life, I’ve got enough pressures on my plate. So instead of holding myself to yet another list of semi-attainable or unattainable resolutions, I’m focused on pushing myself to try new things in 2011. Change is my theme for the year, and pushing myself to actually try new things is a good start. (Given how late this post is, and anyone who knows me won’t be surprised by that, perhaps “Being on Time” should be one of my new things to try!)

Here’s the start of my list – I want to try at least 12 new things – one a month. I don’t feel I need to post all 12 right now – they may change. But I’ll try to be better at sharing timely updates as I go.

  1. Learn to play the guitar – or at least take some lessons
  2. Get back to writing the book I’ve had planned (and started) for over a decade
  3. Virtually train with my brother (serving in Afghanistan) and run a marathon with him once he’s back (May 28, Traverse City, MI!) – with a new PR, of course.
  4. Learn to take better photos with my beautiful Canon camera better – and not be afraid to post my experiments.

What new things would you like to do in 2011?

Seven Things Some People Don’t Know About Me

I was tapped by fellow This Mommy Gig blogger, Laura Thomas, to write a post on Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me. It sounds easy but to be honest, it’s hard to find seven things that no one knows about me – or to find seven that I’d actually want to share publicly! It also feels a bit strange – I could barely come up with seven. Perhaps I need to get some new hobbies!

1)   I grew up in three different states: Illinois, Wyoming and Michigan. Moving as a kid is hard – kids are mean! But I managed to make many friends and learned a lot about the psychology of people. The experiences moving made me a stronger, more intuitive person.

2)    Everything I have I owe to hard work: While I own my own company now, I’ve worked extremely hard for everything I have. I don’t come from money – I started working at the age of 10 (first job: newspaper delivery for The Wyoming State Journal in Lander, Wyo.); worked at McDonald’s throughout high school (yes, McDonald’s!); held three jobs in college (retail clerk at a video store, a retail clothing store and a grocery store) while taking a full load of classes and running my University’s newspaper as Editor in Chief; and moved to Boston with a bank balance of about $200.00. When I went out on my own to start PerkettPR, I had less than $500 in the bank – and I bootstrapped the company (no loans!).

3)    My dream job: a writer or stylist, ala Rachel Zoe

4)    I’m a record holder: I kind of accidentally discovered that I could run during the middle of a race in junior high. I started passing everyone – to my surprise – and thought, “holy cow, I am good at something!” I went to the state championships my freshman year and set new school records in the 800 meter run and 3200 meter relay. When I first took my now-husband to my hometown, we visited my high school – and my name was still up in the gymnasium as record holder.

5)    I recently finished my first marathon – in Dublin, Ireland.

6) I’m an obsessive list maker. I thank my father, who always had yellow (silent, guilt-ridden) legal pads of “To Dos” sitting around the house. My husband finds them everywhere – the kitchen, the bathroom, my nightstand, the car.

7) Random talents include: singing (I sang in two groups in college, including a women’s accepella group), pottery (more like an interest than a talent) and horseback riding (I grew up in Wyoming and my folks were avid endurance racers – a few of which I tried myself – 50 miles on a horse!).

Strike two off of the bucket list

I just posted on our marathon blog … part of the reason I haven’t been very active here is that, in addition to work, motherhood and marriage, I’ve been training for my first marathon. I just finished the Dublin Marathon 2008, I’m happy to say! More details here.

The Marathon combined two of my life’s goals: finish a marathon before age 40 and visit Ireland. I have a lot more on that “bucket list,” so hopefully 2009 will bring the opportunity to knock more off of that list.

And now perhaps that this marathon is over I’ll find more time to keep up here…

Holidays Are Over but Hope Remains Bright

Today we took down the holiday decorations and the Christmas tree. It’s always so much fun putting them up – the anticipation of the season, the warm feelings of family and love, and the month or so of twinkling lights and beautifully wrapped packages. The end of the holiday season also marks the beginning of the longer winter months and that can be a bit depressing.

But I’m looking forward to the New Year. 2007 was a year of hardship for a lot of our loved ones and I am hopeful for a much brighter year for all of them in 2008. I am looking forward to a few vacations and most significantly, running my first Marathon…in Ireland (thanks Rich!).

Along with the holiday decorations, we put away a special ornament called The Wish Ornament. wish ornamentYou fill it with your wishes for the year. My youngest son wished for a new toy train (he’s 2); my oldest son wished for no more school, my husband set a personal marathon goal and I continued to wish for the end of the Iraq war and that my brother will not be deployed again.

In about 11 months I hope to be reporting that these wishes came true (with the exception of my son’s “no school” wish – but perhaps rather that he will enjoy it more) and that 2008 was a wonderful year. I hope that it is for you, too.

My Husband is Insane…

…and I’m so thankful for his insanity! As you will read if you choose to click over, he bought me quite a Christmas present this year. It’s such a thoughtful, significant and personal gift that he even created a blog for it (we are both truly techno geeks … over the holiday break we realized that back in ’99 – when we were getting married – we created a blog before we even knew what a blog was – it was such a great site I wish it was still up – we even won an “award” for it… but I digress).

I suggest starting here for the beginning of the “story” that will shape our 2008. I’m so excited, nervous – still in shock – and quite frankly, happy to have something besides work to focus on all the time (okay, yes, I have two children, three dogs, great friends and more than enough to do… but again, I digress).

Sometimes you need inspiration from an outside source and wow, if this isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is. If you have any interests in running, marathons, Ireland, adventure or heck, even marriage – and how to keep it interesting – perhaps you will find interest in our blog or following our next 10-11 months of training on Twitter – you can find us at @training4dublin.

Happy New Year – it’s certainly going to be an interesting one!

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