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Don’t Go Stale

When you leave something open on a shelf for a while, say saltine crackers, they lose their “crunch.” Technically, you can still eat them but the experience just isn’t as pleasurable as it is when you first open the package.

The same concept can go for your business or your career. For example, you may have clients who have been with you for many years and you keep doing the same things for them year after year. Perhaps those things are technically working – and the client is satisfied – but they’re certainly not innovative. Without trying new things and pushing the envelope a bit, your relationship can become stale and eventually, the client will notice. Even if some things still work – the crunch (the spark, the “aha” feeling, the excitement) is likely missing.

Your career can go stale, your relationships – even your parenting. When we put things on auto pilot and don’t attend to them – asking ourselves how we can improve, what can we do that’s unique and different, how we can keep the romance alive, what questions should we push our children on, etc. – things can go stagnant. And by very definition, “having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence,” stagnant is not a good thing.

So even if you’re comfortable – ask yourself how you can rock the boat a little. Get things moving again. What new things can you try? When’s the last time you brought up a new idea for consideration? Push others out of their comfort zone by stepping out of yours. It’s the only way to keep the crunch.