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My Husband is Insane…

…and I’m so thankful for his insanity! As you will read if you choose to click over, he bought me quite a Christmas present this year. It’s such a thoughtful, significant and personal gift that he even created a blog for it (we are both truly techno geeks … over the holiday break we realized that back in ’99 – when we were getting married – we created a blog before we even knew what a blog was – it was such a great site I wish it was still up – we even won an “award” for it… but I digress).

I suggest starting here for the beginning of the “story” that will shape our 2008. I’m so excited, nervous – still in shock – and quite frankly, happy to have something besides work to focus on all the time (okay, yes, I have two children, three dogs, great friends and more than enough to do… but again, I digress).

Sometimes you need inspiration from an outside source and wow, if this isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is. If you have any interests in running, marathons, Ireland, adventure or heck, even marriage – and how to keep it interesting – perhaps you will find interest in our blog or following our next 10-11 months of training on Twitter – you can find us at @training4dublin.

Happy New Year – it’s certainly going to be an interesting one!

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Enjoy the Now

My family is big on Christmas. While the magic is never the same as it was in childhood, we work hard to make each and every year a memorable one. Some might say we are a little crazy – we open gifts one by one and, as the years go by and our family expands, that can make the gift opening last all day.  But it also makes gift giving memorable – rather than a harried free-for-all opening extravaganza, we know what was given and the thoughtfulness behind each gift. Christmas comes just once a year so why not make it last.

This year I am cherishing the memory-making and my family with new eyes. Unfortunately, divorce entered the family fray this year and so we are celebrating with one less family member. After nearly 15 or so years, it’s a difficult transition and one that reminds me that you have to enjoy life as it is now. It moves fast and furious and before you know it, everything can change.

Family can drive you crazy but if you are celebrating with them this year, try to appreciate every aspect of them now – the chaos, the laughs, the fun, the annoyances and sometimes even the tears. Enjoy the traditions that may seem silly or meaningless. Some day you are likely to look back and enjoy each and every one as fond memories.

If you celebrate – Merry Christmas.