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Can We Merge What Young Women Find of Interest With New Knowledge For a Better Future? My Latest at Forbes

Educating young women and getting them to have passion for taking care of themselves when they grow up (vs just wanting to “marry well”) is a strong area of interest for me. Last week on Forbes I asked – can we reach young girls through things they’re naturally interested in (fashion, music, pop culture, etc.) and segue it to educating and exciting them about pursuing STEM careers? Things like wearable tech, for example, might be a natural cross over for their interests – but I think we have a long way to go to educate them that these careers can be just as exciting as the ones on the front of all the glossy magazines in the grocery store. I’d love for you to take a read and please let me know what you think.

37 of #365LifeLessons – Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion can be, believe it or not, hard work (especially for work). Start with making a list of things you enjoy & things that make you happy. And remember, these things can evolve over time. It’s better to make a conservative living doing something you love than to be wealthy doing something you hate. Here’s someone who says it a whole lot better than me, by the way: I Can’t Get No (Job) Satisfaction

What I’ve Learned, What I’m Learning – #365LifeLessons

It’s my first born son’s Birthday today. In thinking about such a tremendous day and how it changed my life, and in honor of him, I’ve decided to post one life lesson a day for the next year. He’s always asking me why/how/what I’ve learned – and he’s always teaching me new lessons – and his Birthday inspired me to record some of those things here. They will be simple little snippets that will cover what my life entails: motherhood, running a business, managing others, pushing myself – essentially, sharing, learning, living.

If they help inspire you in any way, that’s a bonus. Thanks for reading.

Trust your gut. 99.9% of the time it knows what’s best for you. Listen to your inner voice and really hear it above all the other noise. You know you better than anyone. This doesn’t mean following it is always easy – the best, most rewarding things in life are those for which we work hardest.