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I was touched by this story in @marieclaire this month. Read, then go hug your family. #women #domesticviolence

Not your typical domestic violence story. Women around the world deserve to be independent, happy and safe. How can you change a culture with such deep-rooted beliefs that involve killing your own children if need be?

How is being a murderer more honorable than an “Americanized” daughter?

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Noor Almaleki t

An American Honor Killing

In a quiet suburban parking lot outside of Phoenix, a father floors the gas on his Jeep Grand Cherokee and heads straight for his 20-year-old daughter. His goal: to protect his family’s “honor.” Yes, honor crimes have washed up on our shores.

noor almaleki

A photo of Noor Almaleki taken by a friend.

On a cloudless, breezy afternoon in late October 2009, her father set out to end those dreams. As Noor walked across a suburban parking lot to a Mexican restaurant with a friend — a 43-year-old woman named Amal Khalaf — Faleh Almaleki gunned the engine of his Jeep Grand Cherokee and bore down on his 20-year-old daughter and her companion. The women took off running but were no match for the SUV, already traveling close to 30 miles per hour. Suddenly Amal turned, held up her hands in a futile attempt to stop the Jeep, and froze. Moments later, the vehicle struck the women, tossing them into the air. Amal hit the pavement; Noor landed on a raised median, in a patch of pebbly landscaping. Faleh wasn’t done, though. Swerving onto the median, he ran over his daughter as she lay bleeding, fracturing her face and spine. Then, he reversed and sped away.

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