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6 of #365LifeLessons – There is Too Much of a Good Thing

We always want longer vacations, more presents, bigger toys. But the truth is, if we always had these things, they wouldn’t seem nearly as sweet or exciting. Just look at the trouble celebrities often get into – they can have nearly anything they want, and yet many still struggle with contentment. Be happy with what you have, enjoy the moments you get, and move on when it’s time. Don’t eat too much ice cream – it tastes great but too much makes you feel bad. Take that lesson with you across most elements of life and you’ll have just enough of the good things.

What I’ve Learned, What I’m Learning – #365LifeLessons

5 of #365LifeLessons – Create Your Own Field of Dreams

Create your own way. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t follow the pack. Lead with your heart, trust your gut, listen to the path you’re being called to walk upon. Don’t worry if others think you’re crazy. It’s your field, your dreams. Follow them.

What I’ve Learned, What I’m Learning – #365LifeLessons



4 of #365LifeLessons – It’s Not Her Fault

Your spouse had an affair. Your boss stole your idea as her own. Your teacher gave you a failing grade. Guess what – it’s not her fault. Something else went wrong – take ownership for your part in any outcome, whether it was not heeding the signs, not speaking up, not studying or simply making the wrong choice. The sooner you start recognizing your role in outcomes, the sooner you start seeing better ones.

What I’ve Learned, What I’m Learning – #365LifeLessons

What I’ve Learned, What I’m Learning – #365LifeLessons

It’s my first born son’s Birthday today. In thinking about such a tremendous day and how it changed my life, and in honor of him, I’ve decided to post one life lesson a day for the next year. He’s always asking me why/how/what I’ve learned – and he’s always teaching me new lessons – and his Birthday inspired me to record some of those things here. They will be simple little snippets that will cover what my life entails: motherhood, running a business, managing others, pushing myself – essentially, sharing, learning, living.

If they help inspire you in any way, that’s a bonus. Thanks for reading.

Trust your gut. 99.9% of the time it knows what’s best for you. Listen to your inner voice and really hear it above all the other noise. You know you better than anyone. This doesn’t mean following it is always easy – the best, most rewarding things in life are those for which we work hardest.