My Blogs

My business blog

If you found me while looking for business or professional information, you may prefer to read my business blog posts. Here, I focus on a variety of marketing, business and entrepreneurial topics and inspirations. I also write about marketing and PR with my team at PerkettPR.

My personal blog

This is a space for sharing some personal thoughts on developments, hobbies or interests in my life.

I’m a mother of two young boys and three loud dogs, an entrepreneur and business owner (I founded & bootstrapped PerkettPR in 1998 and continue as its sole owner, among other stealth endeavors), angel investor, marathoner (Boston, Dublin, Bayshore Traverse City = completed!), aspiring author, stand up paddleboarder, music and fashion enthusiast, frustrated guitar learner, tortured Red Sox lover, wine fan, classic over thinker, Type-A-never-stop-going woman. I run my household as a single Mom, manage my business and its clients and employees, design jewelry, and am published from time to time for outlets including USA Today and Forbes, and I blog for Working Mother Magazine, Marketingprofs, PerkettPR, an anonymous fashion blog, and for some reason I’m listed as a Top CEO on Twitter (the only time you’ll see me next to Richard Branson or Martha Stewart) and a 100 Most Powerful Woman on Twitter (whatever that means and the only time you’ll see me in a list with celebrities like Alyssa Milano). I’m tired – but determined to be happy – and have no plans for slowing down anytime soon – that’s what old age is for.

This is my “not-so-personal-life” because while it covers mostly personal views on life, parenting, work and family… it is edited (i.e., I am careful about the topics I post which makes true from-the-gut writing difficult) due to the nature of my profession – “public” relations and client service. Therefore, the site content lies somewhere between my professional self and my raw personal opinions and views. I think it is a a slight bummer I have to edit myself but it’s a reality. What if a client reads this and thinks I’m weak, weird, wrong or otherwise incapable of representing them? The horror.

I disclaim any responsibility to offending readers – clients, friends, family or otherwise – by discussing my personal political, religious, parenting or other life views. (Technically I’m not “discussing” it with anyone. I am ranting and if you are here, you are reading.) I also claim that no matter how bad my “hold-yourself-back” writing is here, I am still good at my day job and this site should not be considered examples of my professional capabilities or views.

I’m not totally sure what content I’m trying to focus on here other than just a place for non-work related, other-side-of-my-life observations and meaningless banter. I wear my heart on my sleeve and this is a place you’ll see that. I focus on tech and business all day long – sometimes a girl just wants to let her hair down, vent about being a working mother juggling it all, and talk about shoes, bad hair days, designer handbags, vacations, books, pets, annoyances, life challenges and various inconsequential parts of life. It doesn’t in any way mean I don’t love work and have a brain.

This is a space for sharing some personal thoughts on developments, hobbies or interests in my life. If I haven’t made it clear – this is in fact a personal site.

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