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Please review the information on this page, then complete this form if you’d like to hire Christine to:

  • Lead or organize your marketing department, whether as a team member or CMO for hire
  • Build your brand strategy, marketing, PR and content teams
  • Help devise startup business plans: product dev, sales, marketing, investment strategies
  • Write marketing and sales collateral, your website or blog
  • Provide strategic business advisory services,  media and presentation training, or execute branding and marketing projects
  • Devise a connected strategy and/or manage your digital media presence
  • Train you or your staff on smart social media and digital marketing for business
  • Speak at your next event

PR Pitches

You can also pitch Christine if you have an angle or story that relates to her varied writing beats in:

  • Women in business, tech and STEM careers
  • Women leaders who inspire and help the next generation
  • Marketing, branding and PR news, technologies or methodologies
  • Startup and SMB insights, resources, advice
  • Working mothers
  • Parenting
  • Blended families
  • Sexual assault and recovery

Christine Perkett is a seasoned entrepreneur, business advisor, writer, digital marketing consultant and and public speaker with deep expertise in social media, digital marketing and branding, and a particular focus on successfully running startups and small business. She is also passionate about inspiring budding entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to embrace their dreams and build a business that will give them the life they want. Christine PerkettChristine has presented to and trained audiences and corporate teams from 5 to 500, on topics ranging from business management, social marketing and tech to motherhood, marriage and divorce, and beating the odds. Her self effacing humor enables the audience to connect with her experiences in a way they will never forget.

 Digital marketing, social media: Training and Education

Christine has helped brands, individuals and institutions worldwide increase the value of their professional reputations via social media. As one of the first marketers on Twitter in 2007, where she now has nearly 50k followers, she wrote about its value for businesses back in 2008, and was included that year in “Twitter Means Business” – one of the first books on the subject by Julio Ojeda-Zapata.

Christine trains business owners, executives, marketing, PR, HR, sales and customer service teams on social and digital tools to improve business, reach departmental goals and expand corporate brand awareness. Some examples of brands and individuals she has worked with, or is working with, to manage digital marketing, social media and PR include:

and many more.

Speaking Examples

Hubspot INBOUND 2015, 2016


Hubspot INBOUND – Bold Talks Stage 2014 – Described as “riveting, bold, and powerful talks from diverse, exciting, and influential people,” the purpose of the Bold Talks stage is to talk about anything besides marketing. Christine took this challenge head on in September of 2014, sharing a deeply personal story about the challenges she’s faced since childhood, how she overcame them to beat the odds and build her own successes in life, and shared tips for others on how to be resilient.

chris-photo-2-1024x768HGiT & FounderMatchup Networking Event – How to Rise Above the Noise & Attract Investors and Partners – Boston is synonymous with Technology Startups, Innovative Thinking and that Entrepreneurial Spirit. For the first time, Girls in Tech Boston and Founder MatchUp will be co-hosting an event where the best and brightest of Boston will gather together for a night of networking. This unique event is aimed to connect co-founders together to create and launch startups and help grow the global economy from right here in Boston. http://gitboston2012-eorg.eventbrite.com/ chris-28979_395117584092_21649359092_4109507_221389_nCape & Plymouth Business – Business Connect Conference & Expo Digital Marketing Strategies – The 2011 Business Connect Conference & Expo will offer business strategy seminars with industry-elite speakers in areas such as Marketing & Sales, Social Media, Growth & Leadership, and Technology. http://www.capeplymouthbusiness.com/business-connect-working chris-2011-05-14_11-21-15_628-1024x577Tori Johnson’s Spark & Hustle National Tour Traditional PR – For three solid days in eight different cities Tory will open her playbook and share all she knows about business success, profit, media, sales, marketing and more. Each Spark & Hustle conference is three jam-packed days designed to arm current and aspiring small business owners with the tools, strategies, and support needed to make more money now. http://sparkandhustle.com/conferences/boston/ chris-31941_403100996554_706991554_4948277_3034661_nBU PR Advanced PRSSA Goes 2.0 PR and Communications – This year’s conference will inspire attendees to hone their own skills in order to advance the profession of public relations. Special elements of the day include a diversity competition where attendees will design an “out-of-the-box” campaign for diverse clients and a career panel where experts will give advice on standing out from an applicant pool. https://www.bu.edu/com/pradvanced/registration.html Guest Host Hubspot TV HubSpot TV is a weekly video podcast covering inbound marketing including social media, blogging, SEO, landing pages, lead generation and marketing analytics. http://blip.tv/play/hJBUgfr0NgI.html?p=1  

Christine’s Bio

Christine Perkett founded her first company, PerkettPR, in 1998 and grew it to a multimillion dollar agency. She is a proven business manager & leader, given that “Just 1.8% of women-owned businesses generate more than $1m in annual revenues, compared with 5.3% of all U.S. firms,” according to the Wall Street Journal. In 2013, she founded her second company, SeeDepth, a PR analytics software platform for brands and PR agencies. She holds specialized expertise in PR measurement, social media relations, business and high-technology media and the promotion of early stage, venture-backed companies.

She has been named an influencer and received multiple awards in the marketing industry, including:

  • 50 Top Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter, Cision
  • 2014 Must Follow Marketing Mind to Follow; Forbes
  • Top 100 Champion, 2013 Small Business Influencer Awards
  • Top 50 of 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter, Hubspot’s Grader
  • Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Expert to Follow
  • Top 10 CEO who Tweets, AMEX Forum
  • Top 30 Women in Social Media; SocialAppsHQ
  • Best Tech PR finalist, TechCrunch Crunchies
  • Top 100 Publicist Who Knows Press & Social Media
  • PR Executive of Year, American Business Awards
  • Traackr Top 25 Authority Moving PR Forward


Click for full-size images: head_shot_christine_perkettheadshot_christine-perkettheadshot_CPT3PR  


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