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Spring Speaking Circuit – Where I’ll Be

I’m trying to get better at speaking and presenting publicly – if I’m advising clients to do so, I figure I should practice what I preach. If you’re around Boston or NYC in April or May, please consider coming to one of these events – and please do say hello and introduce yourself if we haven’t yet met. It’s nice to make real life connections with the online community.

1. BU Chapter of 85 Broads Spring Conference, April 2, 2011 Boston, MA – This year the theme is “Confessions of an Entrepreneur,” where various CEOs and founders share their journeys to starting their businesses and start-ups. I’m on the PR panel, so if you plan to enter the public relations profession, start your own firm or even just consult, hopefully I can share some valuable insights to help you in your journey.

2. Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies, April 4-6, 2011 Boston, MA- I’ll be speaking on measurement of social media campaigns and efforts. A lot of great social media folks – Scott Stratten, Aaron Strout, Rachel Happe and many others – will be speaking as well, on various topics related to business, social media, marketing, community, branding and more.

3. Cape Cod & Plymouth Biz Event – Enterprising Women – Wake Up Wisdom for Women, April 14, 2011 Hyannis, MA – I’m lucky enough to speaking among other smart businesswomen who will also  share their experiences, tips and tools on how to be a successful female business leader. I’ll be on the “Leadership Lessons” panel.

4. Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle National Tour, May 12-14, 2011 Boston, MA – A tour designed to inspire small business owners, I’ll be speaking on how to embrace new marketing tools like social media and integrate them with more traditional, yet still valuable, principles. Speakers on this tour have included dynamic men and women from companies such as Vera Bradley, Sittercity, Liz Lange Maternity, QVC and many more. I’m honored to be a part of the Boston leg.

5. PR News Facebook Conference, May 24, 2011 NYC – A Facebook-focused conference designed specifically for PR professionals, where I’ll be speaking on best practices for monitoring employees’ Facebook activity for optimal and safe results. Do you know how to make your employees brand ambassadors without hijacking their personal lives?

6. unGeeked Conference; Boston, November 10-12, 2011 Boston, MA – I’m excited to not only be speaking about social media, marketing, branding and PR but to be a part of the Regional Executive Team helping to organize other speakers for this conference. Interested? Let me know. Sponsored by Mashable, unGeeked is about creating and engaging an entire community, regionally, nationally and internationally of Marketing, Branding, PR, HR, Legal, Sales and Customer Service professionals, Consultants and businesses both on-line, during a 3-day retreat and after the retreat for the ultimate in discussions and information sharing.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – a Look Inside The Tents!

I don’t usually write about my work clients on this personal site but I do write about fashion and shopping, so I thought I’d mention this really cool initiative by my client Gift Girl.

Gift Girl has teamed with My It Things to create Inside The Tents – an aggregated inside look from fashionista bloggers and reporters covering the coveted New York City event. Check it out – here’s the mission statement – and keep up on everything fashion coming out of Bryant Park in this coming week.

I wish I were there!

Been busy, just not here

I haven’t written here lately because work has been taking off like wild fire, I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve been writing on other blogs, including a new one: This Mommy Gig with two other women I met online at Twitter. We’re adding other women, too, and giving “working mom” perspectives from around the country. I am taking my mommy rants over there, as a) being responsible to someone else makes me do a better job and b) it’s more fun with a team.

You can also read me here:
Training4Dublin – my Marathon Training blog with my husband as we train for the Dublin Marathon in October 2008

Women For Hire’s Be Gutsy Blog – run by ABC’s contributing Workplace Editor, Tory Johnson (I’m “Balanced Woman”)

PerkettPR’s PerkettPRsuasion – my own company’s blog on PR, social media, technology, client, industry and agency news

Or connect with me here:




I’ll be back here if the mood strikes me and it’s a topic that doesn’t fit into one of these other blogs.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the other sites, too.

Is my personal blog a threat to my career?

The hardest thing about this blog is that I am not sure who I am supposed to be and so … it’s kinda sucked, really. There’s always that little voice in my head saying: I-have-to -watch-what-I-say-and-am-only-supposed-to-show-a-certain-side-of-me and it-can’t-be-too-personal-because-clients/employees/stalkers-could-see-it; yet it’s hard to write when you are holding a bit of yourself back. In addition, I’m in PR and feel immense pressure that everything I do on-line is supposed to be about branding myself and my business. But I do that all day long… for others and for my own business. I do write about tech and business and the market – on my business blog where I promote, well, business. So do I have to do it here, too? All signs point to yes… I think. And that makes me write about really boring things.

I have toyed with just stopping this blog altogether. I started it simply because I love writing (secretly I’d love to have been a novelist and not a PR flack but life is what it is and hey, lo and behold I am good at what I do) and I wanted a venue that would help me practice without say, taking a second job as a stringer (I already have enough jobs as mom, wife and CEO). Why a blog you might ask? Why not just do my Morning Pages in my private journal and practice The Writer’s Life on my computer? Good question/s (not that you asked but let’s pretend that you did).

I like to be accountable to others. I find it motivates me (being accountable to so many may cause an early heart attack but I digress). And, I won’t lie – if I know someone is reading I a) like the feedback (most of the time) and b) feel responsible to write something if they are bothering to visit (not that a lot of people are reading, trust me, but again I just haven’t found a good groove yet, so really, who could blame them).

As I state in ” Why I’m Here,” sometimes I *gasp* want to think, write about and share things outside of my career focus. Is it possible? Am I jeopardizing myself/work? Will a client be frustrated with a personal view or judge my company’s ability to execute if I admit that in my personal life I enjoy plenty of stupid reality shows, sometimes have a hangover or flip-off-a-boat-piggyback-on-a-buff-ship’s-captain-while-on- vacation-in-Aruba?

So here’s my question… social media is supposed to be about “transparency,” which means if you are going to participate in it you are supposed to be honest about who you are and what our intentions are. Dare you have an agenda you better be up front about it. But what if I don’t have an agenda? I’m simply here for fun (I know, like there’s time for fun) – yet feel an agenda forced upon me. As a certain media-hungry-pseudo-celebrity recently said on The Apprentice, “People always say business isn’t personal – but business is always personal.”

So does that mean anything I write here on my “personal life” blog is subject to business scrutiny (yes) and – does that mean I shouldn’t do it (I’m unsure)? Opinions are welcome/encouraged/begged for.

Total Transparency Is Overhyped

The whole issues of transparency in social media, networks and the like is driving me crazy. People keep blogging about being transparent and open but I think you have to keep it in context.

There have been some good blogs about this – for example, Penelope Trunk once blogged about her twenty-something business partner and the fact that he had personal photos of himself partying on his Facebook page. She talked about the age difference and how his generation is just “like that” and us Gen Xers need to lighten up. But uh, here’s the thing, some people – I would guess younger folks – have a lot less to lose. Perhaps he is just starting his career and doesn’t realize the impact total openness could have on it. Perhaps he doesn’t have a family to support or a mortgage to pay. If he loses a job for something he did or said on the Internet, he can probably get another one pretty easily without a lot of personal strife.

Transparency does not mean let it all hang out. It means to be honest and straight forward – as much as it makes sense. Don’t set up a flog or post comments under the guise of being someone else. Don’t establish a presence on social networks, communities or blogs and post comments or act like you are simply a loyal customer of some company when you actually work for them. Being transparent means being honest and open in this manner – identify yourself as an employee, or a client as a client, before posting comments – not showcasing your Friday night forays for all the world to see.

The Forbes Top 25 Web Celeb list yesterday also reminded me of this. My favorite “celeb” highlighted was someone I’d never heard of – Heather B. Armstrong. Besides being an amazingly honest, open and engaging writer, she talks about how she was fired in 2001 for blogging about people at her job. For her, total transparency meant unemployment. And even though – now – the road she was forced down as a result has paid off, it’s a one-in-a-million shot for the same outcome for most bloggers. (Despite that we’ve all come a long way since 2001…and she talks about how she had to learn her lesson on “boundaries” of transparency after hurting her family with early blog posts.)

She’s lucky – because now that she makes a living as a blogger, she can be totally transparent. And she is – and it works brilliantly. But for the rest of us – who still have to answer to clients or employees or employers – the total transparency of our opinions, thought and actions is something I question – and again say “all in context.”

I’ve moved my personal, personal blog

It’s come to my attention that perhaps one of the reasons I have not been able to truly write well on my blog is that I’ve had to edit myself for fear of professional complications. I own a PR firm and as such, have many clients who may or may not come across this blog and may or may not like what I have to say.

Therefore, I plan to keep this blog for writing on the less controversial topics of life – no policital opinions or religoius views, not too-personal views into my life outside of work.

I didn’t have a following yet really anyway, as it was a new blog, so hopefully this doesn’t impact anyone too much. If you did happen to follow my rants, and would like to continue to do so – and are not a client or in any way afflilated with my business -please email me at chrisperkett[at] and I will send you the new URL – that is if you didn’t already find it on your own.