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Seven Things Some People Don’t Know About Me

I was tapped by fellow This Mommy Gig blogger, Laura Thomas, to write a post on Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me. It sounds easy but to be honest, it’s hard to find seven things that no one knows about me – or to find seven that I’d actually want to share publicly! It also feels a bit strange – I could barely come up with seven. Perhaps I need to get some new hobbies!

1)   I grew up in three different states: Illinois, Wyoming and Michigan. Moving as a kid is hard – kids are mean! But I managed to make many friends and learned a lot about the psychology of people. The experiences moving made me a stronger, more intuitive person.

2)    Everything I have I owe to hard work: While I own my own company now, I’ve worked extremely hard for everything I have. I don’t come from money – I started working at the age of 10 (first job: newspaper delivery for The Wyoming State Journal in Lander, Wyo.); worked at McDonald’s throughout high school (yes, McDonald’s!); held three jobs in college (retail clerk at a video store, a retail clothing store and a grocery store) while taking a full load of classes and running my University’s newspaper as Editor in Chief; and moved to Boston with a bank balance of about $200.00. When I went out on my own to start PerkettPR, I had less than $500 in the bank – and I bootstrapped the company (no loans!).

3)    My dream job: a writer or stylist, ala Rachel Zoe

4)    I’m a record holder: I kind of accidentally discovered that I could run during the middle of a race in junior high. I started passing everyone – to my surprise – and thought, “holy cow, I am good at something!” I went to the state championships my freshman year and set new school records in the 800 meter run and 3200 meter relay. When I first took my now-husband to my hometown, we visited my high school – and my name was still up in the gymnasium as record holder.

5)    I recently finished my first marathon – in Dublin, Ireland.

6) I’m an obsessive list maker. I thank my father, who always had yellow (silent, guilt-ridden) legal pads of “To Dos” sitting around the house. My husband finds them everywhere – the kitchen, the bathroom, my nightstand, the car.

7) Random talents include: singing (I sang in two groups in college, including a women’s accepella group), pottery (more like an interest than a talent) and horseback riding (I grew up in Wyoming and my folks were avid endurance racers – a few of which I tried myself – 50 miles on a horse!).

Stand up for What You Believe In

I went to see “Gone Baby Gone” last night. It was a great movie, although incredibly hard to watch – gut-wrenching. Casey Affleck was amazing and his brother Ben did a damn good job of directing, in my opinion.

I won’t talk too much about the movie so I don’t give it away, but ultimately it boils down to knowing yourself, being strong and standing up for what you believe in – which at first glance may seem obvious, but when you take a deeper view, isn’t as easy as you may have anticipated.

Sometimes what you believe in is challenged with unexpected curve balls. This movie demonstrates that. While not as serious as the content of the film, my life this week called into question a bit of what I believe in. I had to decide if I should stand up and support an employee and my industry in the face of someone I disagreed with who is very influential. I could have taken one of several “easy” routes – I could have ignored the situation, I could have not responded at all, I could have responded anonymously. I chose ultimately to do none of those things.

I chose to stand up, clearly and loudly, for what I believe in. I spoke my opinion in a public forum when many others would not. Don’t get me wrong – it could come back to bite me in the ass. It could cost me more than I anticipated. But in the end – I choose to not cower, I choose to not stand down and stay quiet. Great leaders in history didn’t become that way by keeping their mouth shut.

This may seem cryptic to some, but those who know my business will know exactly what I’m talking about. I refuse to link to the situation or give Mr. A any additional attention. But I also refuse to stay quiet, be abused or go quietly.