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Yeah Sox!

world series  Boston Red Sox just won the World Series in a sweep over the Colorado Rockies. Some day we hope to be able to celebrate in Boston with them.

This team was just so awesome to watch in this Series. From the rookies Pedroia and Ellsbury to MVP (yeah!) “old guy” Lowell to the “Riverdancer” Papelbon – they rocked. Truth be told, I think Boston may be in shock, as we are pretty used to more drama – but we’ll take it!


I don’t want to be greedy…

Okay I don’t want to be a typical Sox fan but tonight…well the game was almost too good, ya know? I don’t want the boys blowing it all in the first few games. Save some for later – you know how we like drama!

That being said, wow, everyone looked so great tonight!

Am I the only one in RSN that gets nervous when they win by so much in Game 1? Perhaps I should relax, given 2004… maybe we secretly like all the drama.