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Grace and Dignity

These two words have more meaning to me today than I ever thought they would. They’ve been on my mind as I’m facing the most difficult personal time of my life.

Imagine being punched in the stomach and maintaining grace and dignity. My marriage is ending and that’s what it feels like. I have a new level of respect for women like Elizabeth Edwards, who faced public humiliation in her divorce – followed by a personal, fatal illness – and yet remained composed and dignified up to her last moments of life. I can now imagine how difficult that was and have a better understanding for her struggles.

Two simple words can take on such new meaning as your life changes. I will work very hard to make these two my guiding principals as I face a long and rocky road ahead. It’s not easy. How have you maintained grace and dignity in a time when all you really wanted to do was fall down into a puddle and cry – or stand up and scream like crazy?

Yes, that’s how it feels. But I’ll make it – with grace and dignity.