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Fashion site of the week

Stumbled upon Tracy Smith’s Palm Beach Boutique, House Of Lavande – and am in lust, er love, uh, lust – whichever. My favorite finds are in the jewelery section – see some examples below – unbelievably unique, vintage costume pieces. Check it out.


In between mommyhood, marathon training, wifehood, business ownership (and all that comes with it like promotion, management, financial planning, a few tears, etc.), blogging and oh, right – having some FUN in life, I like to shop. I’m addicted to fashion, clothes, jewelry and totally unnecessary luxury items. I’d like to write more about that passion but time is tight so I’ll say it with photos.

Today’s lust item (yeah it’s real and it belongs to Kimora… some girls have all the luck!)

Kimora Lee Simmonss Ring

Kimora Lee Simmons's Ring