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Gearing up for Halloween

Like many parents, I am gearing up for Halloween tonight. I’m hoping I can get out of work to take JP and RP trick-or-treating at a decent hour.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t have time to make his usual cardboard creations, which have totally “ruled the neighborhood” the last two years – complete with working electronic gadgets. So, this year the kids are just astronauts – but handsome ones nonetheless.

Here’s a quick history of RP’s costumes – we started out weak but really took it home the last two years with a race car that had working lights and a horn and, in 2005, a very-carefully crafted Thomas the Tank Engine.

JP – as the little brother – has been the hand-me-down victim…

2006 – A sweet race car that won Best Costume, of course!

2006 - Race Car

2005 – Thomas the Tank Engine for RP and a Pumpkin for JP



2004 – Poor kid; obviously his parents were busy that year – Wheaties Box, really?! At least it had Pedro on it!


2003 – Dumbo was no work for us but still darn cute.