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Can We Merge What Young Women Find of Interest With New Knowledge For a Better Future? My Latest at Forbes

Educating young women and getting them to have passion for taking care of themselves when they grow up (vs just wanting to “marry well”) is a strong area of interest for me. Last week on Forbes I asked – can we reach young girls through things they’re naturally interested in (fashion, music, pop culture, etc.) and segue it to educating and exciting them about pursuing STEM careers? Things like wearable tech, for example, might be a natural cross over for their interests – but I think we have a long way to go to educate them that these careers can be just as exciting as the ones on the front of all the glossy magazines in the grocery store. I’d love for you to take a read and please let me know what you think.

Why Print Should Never Die – Terry Richardson’s “Lunch Break” in W

This is why print should never die. The “Lunch Break” photo spread in W Magazine (@wmag) this month looks absolutely edible in the print version. It’s still gorgeous online but doesn’t do the photos or clothes the same justice as the big, beautiful paper pages that arrived in my mailbox today.

Sidenote: I am in love – love – love with the LV bag in this photo; page 73 print (slide 8 online).

Yes, please

I’ve been avoiding writing too much about fashion here for fear of not being taken too seriously. But these were too beautiful not to post and if you know me, you know I love incredible shoes.

Christian Louboutin’s Bianca 140 patent-leather pumps – available at, among others. How about that blue “peacock” color! Gorgeous!

Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Outfits

There was a lot of chatter about Michelle Obama’s outfits yesterday, as expected. Personally I loved the inaugural dress and matching overcoat designed by Isabel Toledo. I thought the lemongrass color was gorgeous on her, the texture looked season-appropriate and the neckline was elegant and beautiful. And I absolutely adored the coordinating J. Crew green gloves and Jimmy Choo green patent pumps. It takes a special and confident woman to pull that off.

Obama Inauguration

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same about her ball gown, designed by Jason Wu, that evening. Although I loved the crystals and appliques, I didn’t think the cut was very flattering on top or to her waist. Although, after what was certainly a long day, I’m sure she was grateful for the free-flowing design. All in all, she looked beautiful and elegant, yet approachable.

What did you think?

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – a Look Inside The Tents!

I don’t usually write about my work clients on this personal site but I do write about fashion and shopping, so I thought I’d mention this really cool initiative by my client Gift Girl.

Gift Girl has teamed with My It Things to create Inside The Tents – an aggregated inside look from fashionista bloggers and reporters covering the coveted New York City event. Check it out – here’s the mission statement – and keep up on everything fashion coming out of Bryant Park in this coming week.

I wish I were there!

Fashion site of the week

Stumbled upon Tracy Smith’s Palm Beach Boutique, House Of Lavande – and am in lust, er love, uh, lust – whichever. My favorite finds are in the jewelery section – see some examples below – unbelievably unique, vintage costume pieces. Check it out.


In between mommyhood, marathon training, wifehood, business ownership (and all that comes with it like promotion, management, financial planning, a few tears, etc.), blogging and oh, right – having some FUN in life, I like to shop. I’m addicted to fashion, clothes, jewelry and totally unnecessary luxury items. I’d like to write more about that passion but time is tight so I’ll say it with photos.

Today’s lust item (yeah it’s real and it belongs to Kimora… some girls have all the luck!)

Kimora Lee Simmonss Ring

Kimora Lee Simmons's Ring