Resilience – Why Perseverance Is Essential In Life And At Work

Today I’ve been working on my presentation for next month’s INBOUND conference. I’ll be speaking on the Bold Talks stage, where we are asked to be storytellers of a topic to which people can personally relate – not marketers talking marketing. I’ll be speaking on the topic of resilience, and sharing some pretty personal experiences of which I don’t often talk about. These will include painful childhood experiences that impacted my decisions and choices throughout my life, as well as a crazy series of events that have taken place over just the last three years.

The point of sharing these experiences – as daunting as the thought is – is to give context as to why I’m qualified to talk about resilience – and why it matters for both your personal and work life. I’m going to share how I’ve persevered through abuse, moving as a teen (kids are mean!), depression, a failed marriage, legal battles, family conflicts, founding and running two businesses (including the high highs and low lows), financial challenges and more. It’s completely out of the norm from my usual topics of digital marketing, startups, technology, women in business, etc. But… sharing my humanity is a way for me to help others see that life isn’t just what you see on Facebook – we all have dark moments. The truth is, everyone struggles, we just don’t like to admit it, and we certainly don’t document most of those moments like we advertise the great ones. Look at the Robin Williams news – some struggle more than others, and some struggle in silence. I know – I’ve done that. So if sharing my experiences can help others, then it will be worth it.

After all, in life and in work, we have to overcome troubling times. If we can learn better coping mechanisms and how to be resilient, we can focus more of our time on the good moments. And, I can attest that especially as an entrepreneur, startup founder, and single mother, resiliency is an absolute must. There’s no giving up. Too many people are counting on me. I must keep moving forward. I hope to help others to do the same.

If you’d like to share a tip or two for me to include in my talk, please let me know. In addition to my own experiences, I will be including some snapshots of a few really amazing and strong people who I know that have overcome huge obstacles in life, and their tips for perseverance and resilience. I’d love to hear from you if you have a story to share, and I hope to see you in September in Boston.

2 thoughts on “Resilience – Why Perseverance Is Essential In Life And At Work

  1. Stephen Dill

    Christine, perseverance has figured heavily in my life. From the employer who told me, “You weren’t the most qualified candidate, just the most persistent.” to the startup VP I received permission from to call once a month for five months until she created a position for me.

    In the face of opposition—once I’ve gone through a self-evaluation to be sure of my motivation to hold onto my opinion or choice—I will often invoke a mantra my mother used throughout her life: this, too, shall pass. Because it’s true; change is the only constant and whoever or whatever is oppressing you will eventually change and release you. Remember that whatever you fight only becomes stronger, so be comfortable with a quiet, non-aggressive stance, but be patient and watchful for opportunity to move to a better place. Ultimately we all want to be remembered for our success through patience and perseverance rather than anger and aggression.

    You have been tested repeatedly in the relatively few years I’ve known you, Christine. But through it all you smile and maintain your cheer and optimism. That is the sign of one who can overcome, one who can rally friends and mentors when necessary, and focus on the future rather than wallow in circumstances. I have great respect for the life you’ve created and look forward to learning more from your example of inner strength and perseverance.

    1. Christine Post author

      Stephen, thank you so much for this thoughtful and kind comment. I really appreciate you not only reading, but taking the time to share your insights. Sometimes I don’t feel so optimistic, but it usually lasts a day, and then I’m back up, putting my boots on, and getting back out there. What other option is there, really? 🙂


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