Feeling Grateful For A Tremendous Network

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S. – a day where we signify our gratitude for our blessings in life (originated as a day to show gratitude for a good harvest). I’m feeling especially grateful for my own “harvest” of sorts – that of a tremendous network of industry colleagues and friends. In the last few weeks I’ve been given such selfless gifts from my business network and I’m feeling really blessed to know – and have the respect of – so many very smart people.

People have given me their time, advice, new ideas, referrals and references that have really wowed me. I only hope that I can return the favor in some way now or in the future, if I haven’t already paid it forward in the past.

Take care of your network – lend a hand, an idea, an hour to brainstorm. Give when you don’t need something. The rewards will come to you when the time is right.

Thank you to those who have helped me recently with a phone call, product review, advice, connection, referral and more. Marc, David, Kevin, Steve, Parker, Sue, Yan, Chris, Si, George, Carter … you know who you are, and I’m grateful to know you.

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About Christine Perkett

I've spent my career coaching CEOs, CMOs, and COOs on how to best market and grow their companies, how to inspire and motivate their workforces, and how to manage in good times and in bad. I'm a serial entrepreneur who has founded three companies. I've received numerous accolades and awards including being named a “Top 100 Must Follow Marketing Mind” in Forbes, a 2020 Top 50 Social Media Influencer in Planable, a “Boston 50 on Fire” finalist, a “Top CEO to follow on Twitter,” a “Top 50 Social Media Influencer on Twitter” by Vocus (now Cision), and one of the 250 Most Influential Women Leaders by Richtopia since 2015. I've been featured in numerous outlets for my expertise including Associated Press, ABC, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many more. I am also an adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing and Media at Northeastern University in Boston. I champion women in business and enjoy helping others make their dreams come true. Personally, I 'm a mom to four who loves dogs, the ocean, fashion, marathons, wine, humor and kindness.

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