Better Late than Never… No Resolutions for 2011; Just a Wish List to Myself

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook, “Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I think I’m just going to make a list of 12 things I want to do in 2011.”

I received some positive feedback and comments from friends that they’d like to do the same thing. I’m a very goal-oriented person but find that between work and family life, I’ve got enough pressures on my plate. So instead of holding myself to yet another list of semi-attainable or unattainable resolutions, I’m focused on pushing myself to try new things in 2011. Change is my theme for the year, and pushing myself to actually try new things is a good start. (Given how late this post is, and anyone who knows me won’t be surprised by that, perhaps “Being on Time” should be one of my new things to try!)

Here’s the start of my list – I want to try at least 12 new things – one a month. I don’t feel I need to post all 12 right now – they may change. But I’ll try to be better at sharing timely updates as I go.

  1. Learn to play the guitar – or at least take some lessons
  2. Get back to writing the book I’ve had planned (and started) for over a decade
  3. Virtually train with my brother (serving in Afghanistan) and run a marathon with him once he’s back (May 28, Traverse City, MI!) – with a new PR, of course.
  4. Learn to take better photos with my beautiful Canon camera better – and not be afraid to post my experiments.

What new things would you like to do in 2011?

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About Christine Perkett

I've spent my career coaching CEOs, CMOs, and COOs on how to best market and grow their companies, how to inspire and motivate their workforces, and how to manage in good times and in bad. I'm a serial entrepreneur who has founded three companies. I've received numerous accolades and awards including being named a “Top 100 Must Follow Marketing Mind” in Forbes, a 2020 Top 50 Social Media Influencer in Planable, a “Boston 50 on Fire” finalist, a “Top CEO to follow on Twitter,” a “Top 50 Social Media Influencer on Twitter” by Vocus (now Cision), and one of the 250 Most Influential Women Leaders by Richtopia since 2015. I've been featured in numerous outlets for my expertise including Associated Press, ABC, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many more. I am also an adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing and Media at Northeastern University in Boston. I champion women in business and enjoy helping others make their dreams come true. Personally, I 'm a mom to four who loves dogs, the ocean, fashion, marathons, wine, humor and kindness.

13 thoughts on “Better Late than Never… No Resolutions for 2011; Just a Wish List to Myself

  1. Stephen Dill

    In 2011 I would like to:
    1) Set something on fire and eat it.
    2) Go backpacking for at least 3 nights and 40 miles.
    3) NOT run the campaign for anyone running for public office.
    4) Go skinny dipping in Cole Pond, VT.
    5) Learn to cook a new ethnic cuisine.

    1. chrisperkett Post author

      Stephen, thanks for reading and replying – and sharing! I love #1… I am dying to know specifically what you have in mind. 🙂

      Also #4 – risque… but awesome. Life should have more skinny dipping, really.

      Good luck with your goals!!

  2. Matthew mmWine Horbund

    Great minds think alike. This afternoon I tweeted the following:
    I made no resolutions for 2011. I made goals. I’m working towards them. I dont have to worry about “breaking” something, I just move forward

    Some Goals for 2011:
    Finally take an exam I’ve put off for 3 years
    Turn my TV segments into a TV show
    Post on my blog once a week at least

    All are attainable. I just need to push a little harder than I am currently!

    1. chrisperkett Post author

      Matthew, yes, great minds do think alike. I love your line, “I don’ have to worry about “breaking” something” – that is a great way to put it!

      Thanks for the inspiration – and sharing! Good luck with your goals – we can check in throughout the year and see how each other is doing, what do you say?

  3. Diane Danielson

    In 2011, I would like to:

    1. Get back on the soccer field as a player (not a coach) – check this one off. A neighbor wrote me yesterday that he put me on his indoor team.
    2. Finally figure out how to edit videos.
    3. Try to stop my dog from being a total spaz whenever someone comes to the door.

    Yep … big plans for 2011! 1 is set. 2 is doable. 3 … I’m no sure.

    1. chrisperkett Post author

      Diane, thanks for sharing. You know I’d love to see you on that soccer field, when are the games?! That’s awesome – nice work.

      I could use #3 myself but have found it very difficult. Have you tried a spray bottle of water yet?

      Good luck!!

  4. Sue Burton

    Wow, I like this … a wish list seems so much more positive and less hall-monitorish than a resolution. Someone once told me that “a wish is enthusiasm without specific intent” Since my wishes have some intent .. I’ll call them my 2011 “iWishes” (I think that’s Steve Job’s lawyer on line 1)

    * Sleep outside under the stars at least once
    * Visit a foreign country to visit a good friend (Italy or UK)
    * Wear something daringly stylish that makes my pulse quicken with nervousness AND excitement
    * Write “something” even a journal entry at least 2x month

    1. chrisperkett Post author

      i need to write more, too! Sue, Starbucks dates for writing?
      I love your sleep under the stars goal. Awesome. Thanks for sharing (and reading)!

  5. Robin Dilg

    My wishes for 2011 are
    1. get to Ireland this year!
    2. Think of scary things to try – want to do one every day.
    3. Dance
    4. Take my granddaughter to be in a horse show.
    5. Rent a house on a beach for a month – alone and write.

  6. Orna Drawas

    How about looking at it the other way….. what are you NOT going to do in 2011? Such as:
    – Less TV
    – Less texting and more “noticing”
    – Less sitting, more doing
    You only have so much time/energy/mojo …. devote it to the right things.
    Orna Drawas, Author: Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch!

    1. chrisperkett Post author

      Very true, Orna. Thanks for reading and commenting. These are good goals for me, too! Happy 2011.


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