Love #film? Got time? #Sundance Film Festival (@sundancefest) is seeking 2011 volunteers Learn more and apply

A pretty cool opportunity if you are a film or Hollywood buff and have the time and resources to volunteer.

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Welcome! Every year, we select more than 1,500 volunteers to help create a global platform for independent film. Volunteers are needed to assist in all areas of the Sundance Film Festival—from theatre entrances to shuttle stops. Those interested in star-sightings and free stuff need not apply. Volunteering for the 2011 Festival is about helping artists share their stories. Of course, there are exciting benefits such as being among the first audiences to see world premieres of the best new independent films. But the real benefits of volunteering aren’t things, or even films—they’re the experiences. If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind experience, apply to join us in Utah this January!


We are now accepting applications to volunteer. Click here to apply!

How To Volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival

Apply Online: The application for 2011 volunteers is now open. Click here to apply.Read more at

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