No lazy, hazy days of summer? The Summer vacation quandry in America.

I’m torn about this topic from TIME Magazine. On one hand, I have a hard time believing that four weeks more of school per year sets our country back in education. I think there are a lot of other reasons we are behind in education – over crowded schools, lack of parent involvement, not enough good teachers (and not enough quality pay for them), etc. On the other hand, they talk a lot about underprivileged children here – so is the case really about summer vacation? Or about taking better care of our country’s citizens? Making sure each child has opportunities and care both during the school year and the summer? Shouldn’t we focus on continuing education in other ways for all children over the summer – how can we get kids in camps? Enrichment programs? Learning in other ways all through the year but not stripping them of a perceived “break?”

No easy answers but an important topic to think about – and a good read.

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Blame Tom Sawyer: Americans have a skewed view of childhood and summertime. We associate the school year with oppression and the summer months with liberty. School is regimen; summer is creativity. School is work and summer is play. But when American students are competing with children around the globe who may be spending four weeks longer in school each year, larking through summer is a luxury we can’t afford. What’s more, for many children — especially children of low-income families — summer is a season of boredom, inactivity and isolation.


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