Best Countries for Women To Live In

Marie Claire outlines the best countries for women to live in – those with ultra female-friendly policies. Sweden’s too cold for me, but I can appreciate the “anti-sexism” sentiment and hope that we can continue to push equality and women’s rights around the world. Just think about the continued pay inequalities here in America, or the fact that Iranian women are still lashed for wearing mini-skirts (another story in Marie Claire) or women are still sold into slavery as young as five in this world.

We’ve still got a long way to go, baby.

One thought on “Best Countries for Women To Live In

  1. Guest

    I like the idea of Scandinavian countries because of their reversal and flexibility of gender role norms which is why Scandinavians are more happier than North Americans in their relationships. Women working and earning money, men preferring to stay at home and look after the children, rather than sticking to one role. It’s usually best to live in those countries during the Summer, though


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